The conveyor pulley and motor-driven shafts of a conveyor system that we offer are simple passive rollers, parts that add tension and direction to the system. The movement of these devices is restricted to a linear progression as directed by the radial turn of a series of horizontally-mounted rollers and pulleys.

Sanna Group is one of the leading names in the business, we are regarded as one of the most trustworthy manufacturer and supplier in the market. These pulleys are manufactured from thick wall pipe or tubing, with a crowned face or flat face. With standard duty, mine duty and machined drum pulleys, the conveyor pulley that we offer absorbs chaotic impact as it’s transferred through the steel-laced belt.

Imagine using a pulley system without a blanketing rubber coating. The pulley would rotate as designed, but without traction between the underside of the belt and the exterior of the pulley drum. A number of variants exist within the drum coating industry, replaceable coatings are often compared to car tyres. The lagging solution ensures the contact point between both the drum and the belt fully meshes.

Since, we are in the business for both high and lows, we have some of the most loyal clients that we boast about. We strive to offer quality conveyor pulley in the market strictly because, we believe that positive branding never fails to impress.