Conveyor idler is an integral part of the conveyor belt which is similar to a gear or pulley. Traditionally, the idler is designated as a pulley that does not bear a primary load or primarily drive a component of a conveyor system. With the structural versatility for fitting, the idler helps a conveyor move correctly.

This particular technology helps in moving the belt along and provides specific amounts of resistance within a belt and pulley structure. Idlers can help the gear ratio and other engineering aspects of a conveyor belt system. Conveyor idler models may have belt tensioner features, where moving the idler can change the motion on the belt.

With different forms, you can find these in a lot f variety starting from inline idlers, inset or offset idlers, and return idlers. Many specific conveyor idler designs connect to the conveyor belt at different points to keep the belt properly routed. Inline, inset and offset varieties are built specifically to accommodate the belt according to optimal factors. Return idlers deals with the undercarriage of the belt which moves in the reverse direction.

Conveyor idler is also popularly built for safety and emergency systems that help to protect workers and the equipment used in the conveyor belt assembly. Our products and services are widely acclaimed by global mines, coal mines, power plants and steel plants. We are regarded as one of the trusted names in the business, we make sure that our focus is always on creating quality products.